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CAVITE: Naic - Diocesan Shrine of Immaculate Conception

Naic church, one of the largest churchs in Cavite is the one and only Neo-Gothic style church which is usually inspired by a Dominican priests. It was constructed in 1839 after was successfully separated from Maragondon as a free Parish in 1796. Due to lack of funds, the church wasn't able to put up a bell tower.

 In the year 1855 Fr. Vicente Lopez came and made plan for convent construction with three "retablos", a devotional painting especially a small popular folk art one using iconography derived from traditional catholic church.

The main altar.

It was continued and constructed under Fr. Francisco Govea's term in 1874 and finished in 1892. Year 1996, November 17,  when the church was consecrated by Arch bishop Ricardo Vidal and was proclaimed as Diocesan Shrine of Immaculate Conception in 8th of December, Feast day.

The visit
The Tabernacle.

The aisle.

This church was one of the churches we visited during Visita Iglesia and I was actually amazed by it's main altar and details. You won't miss their colorful stained glass and the golden altar, podium, chandeliers and tabernacle. Almost 70% of the altar were gold leafed.

Immaculate Conception old painting.

It feels like you're in heaven with the most Holy God in his golden house. You can also see from its colossal stone blocks the church age and how it adds to church's beauty.

Immaculate Conception holy image.

From the entrance of the church, you will notice a room on the left side where you can see image of Holy Immaculate Conception adorn with flowers and warm lighting. They allowed people to enter and touch the image.

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